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Wendy K. Davis For Governor “Running For Governor” 300×250


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UNICEF World Toilet Day “Access Denied” [print]

On World Toilet Day, Tribal Worldwide will launch a campaign for UNICEF with the goal of informing a new audience about the lack of access to toilets worldwide. Called “Access Denied,” the campaign will urge changes in both behavior and policy on issues ranging from enhancing water management to ending open-air defecation. The campaign includes a series of posters, a dedicated website (, and a game available on desktop and mobile that dramatizes the dire situations faced by those who are forced to defecate in the open.

Client: UNICEF
Campaign: “Access Denied”
Agency: Tribal Worldwide, New York
Launch Date: November 19, 2013

Executive Creative Director: Kinney Edwards
Creative Director: Jen Stocksmith
Creative Director: Katie Degentesh
Designer: Nick Dunlap
Copywriter: Brent Goldman
Director, User Experience Strategy: Peter Gallo
Associate Technology Director: Rocky Romano
Business Director: Heather Stuckey
Engagement Supervisor: Meera Deepak
Engagement Coordinator: Kari Halverson
Head of Project Management and Production: Sunshine Yoon
Head of Technology: Spiro Misfud
Integrated Producer: Shannon Strange
Sound Design: Drew Gardner

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The Salvation Army “No One Should Have To Call The Streets Home” (Canada) [video]

Client: The Salvation Army Canada
Agency: Cossette
Campaign: No One Should Have To Call The Streets Home

Description: The Salvation Army wants to let Canadians know that no one should have to live on the streets.

To get the message across, The Salvation Army has launched a provocative outdoor campaign that encourages consumers to make donations that will be used to help the homeless.

Developed by Toronto agency Cossette, the campaign draws attention to the plight of the homeless by placing typical neighborhood home address signs in a variety of public places where people normally eat, talk, read, relax, wait for the bus, or just hang out.

The home address signs draw attention to the fact that these same places are also locations where homeless people sleep. A headline beneath the street number reads: “No one should have to call this home.” And below this headline people are encouraged to “Give hope to the homeless” by texting a donation to The Salvation Army.

“The Salvation Army exists to promote the dignity of all people. We are here to reach out to others and support them with the care and help they need,” said John McAlister, National Director of Marketing and Communications.

“The problem with homelessness is that it’s often easy to ignore. We wanted to jolt the public by putting messages in places – and in a manner – that would surprise them,” said Cossette Co-Chief Creative Officer Matt Litzinger. “Then we continue to turn that communications experience on its head by telling our audience that these same locations are also places that street people call home.”

Co-Chief Creative Officers: Matthew Litzinger, David Daga
Creative Director: Chad Borlase
Art Director: Kevin Filliter
Writer: Aaron Chown
Account Supervisor: Kaitlin Doherty

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Canadian Blood Services “Are You The One?” 300×250 (Canada)

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Agency: RAPP Canada
Client & Product: Canadian Blood Services, OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network
Campaign Title: One Hero

Brief: In the past, Canadian Blood Services has solicited stem cell donations from people from all walks of life for the OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network. However, now more than ever, Canadian Blood Services is seeing that Canada’s diverse populations are underrepresented and there is an immediate need for patients to have better access to stem cell donors. Canadian Blood Serviecs notes that young (17-35) male donor stem cells result in the most successful matches – in particular, donations from one’s own ethnic background. We were challenged with the task of building awareness of the OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network specifically amongst young men from Canada’s diverse populations.

Description: One Hero is an online interactive comic book experience that pits the user against a madman that has released a virus and is creating an infected army. The story mirrors the real life experience of a victim who needs a stem cell donor, and the donor who has the power to save them. As the user progresses through the experience, they inch closer to the revelation that sometimes there’s a thin line between fiction and fact.

Campaign Elements:
Online comic
Online banners

Date Broke: September 23, 2013

Creative Director: Barb Williams
Copywriter: Eric Grimes
Art Director: Carla Rimando
Agency Producer: Caroline Clarke
Account Team: Susan Powell, Account Director; Leigh Farlow, Senior Account Executive; John Davis, Account Coordinator
Strategy: Parker Mason
Social Media Strategy: Parker Mason
Flash Development: Heung Lee
Analytics: Kevin McHugh
Production: STOPP/LA

Creative Director: Zachary Richter
Art Director: Abraham Cortes
Technical director: Ola Björling
Lead Developer: Jin Kim
Animator: Justin Young
Executive Producer Fredrik Montan Frizell
Senior integrated producer Kristen Koeller
Illustrator: Gary Musgrave
Music Composer: Ian Persson Stiernsward
Interactive Sound Production: Plan 8

Media Agency: OMD
Primary Contact: Michelle Jaraim
Other: Dan Stanisz, Digital Specialist; Tyler Gain, Strategy Supervisor

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