Zurich Insurance “You Protect Them” 300×250

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UNICEF World Toilet Day “Access Denied” [print]

On World Toilet Day, Tribal Worldwide will launch a campaign for UNICEF with the goal of informing a new audience about the lack of access to toilets worldwide. Called “Access Denied,” the campaign will urge changes in both behavior and policy on issues ranging from enhancing water management to ending open-air defecation. The campaign includes a series of posters, a dedicated website (http://www.toilettrek.org), and a game available on desktop and mobile that dramatizes the dire situations faced by those who are forced to defecate in the open.

Client: UNICEF
Campaign: “Access Denied”
Agency: Tribal Worldwide, New York
Launch Date: November 19, 2013

Executive Creative Director: Kinney Edwards
Creative Director: Jen Stocksmith
Creative Director: Katie Degentesh
Designer: Nick Dunlap
Copywriter: Brent Goldman
Director, User Experience Strategy: Peter Gallo
Associate Technology Director: Rocky Romano
Business Director: Heather Stuckey
Engagement Supervisor: Meera Deepak
Engagement Coordinator: Kari Halverson
Head of Project Management and Production: Sunshine Yoon
Head of Technology: Spiro Misfud
Integrated Producer: Shannon Strange
Sound Design: Drew Gardner

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Corona Extra “Panchita” (spec video)

Corona Extra || Panchita from Michael Maxxis on Vimeo.

prod co: DNA
director: Michael Maxxis
producer: Paul Bock
dp: Cale Finot
editor: Drew Stevenson
editorial house: Rooster
colorist: Tricia Hagoriles
colour facility: Alter Ego

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Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler “Same Razor” (spec video)

Gillette ProGlide Styler || Same Razor from Michael Maxxis on Vimeo.

prod co: DNA
director: Michael Maxxis
producer: Paul Bock
dp: Michael Maxxis
editor: Dean Gonzalez
editorial house: Hootenanny
colorist: Shane Reed
color facility: The Mill

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