J. Crew “Hello, Canada” 300×250 (Canada)

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Google Chromebook Pixel “For Seeing Clearly” 300×600

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Creating a good advertisement

Today we live surrounded by ads. It’s a matter of fact and almost everyone of us can see this in their every day normal life: ads on the magazine, on the newspaper, on the city walls, on internet, ads are also on the social networks and even in the email account, ads are everywhere.

And there are different shapes of ads: just written in words, with images, with both words and images, as a video, as a short spot on Tv, on the radio. To be able to create a good ads  might mean very much: it means to lead to more clients. This is the goal of each ads.


Goals of ads

The ads are a tool to attract people’s attention because we want to communicate with them. We want people to consider buying a certain product or using a certain service. We want people to dress particular clothes and choose particular shoes. In other words, with an ads we are telling people they would be cool if they buy something.

People are not happy to spend money so we have to create interest to the advertised products. First off, you need to create a headline including just a few powerful words. People should be able to read it and feel attracted to know more. So, you can understand that the role of headlines is really important.



How to go on

Your ads has to tell something, now that you gained your readers’ attention, go on and build a relationship between the ad and your readers. For example, if you are advertising humanitarian associations, unimed or hospitals in Israel, you have to look for an emotional attachment: you should create desire for more info on the product / service you are advertising. This is the only important key and rule when writing ads.

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NESN “Red Sox At White Sox” 300×250


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