Solutions For Creativity Crisis In Online Advertising

Finding the right amount and kind of inspiration when creating an online ad is often times not a walk in the park. If you currently find yourself in such a place and you need some smart ideas to hold on to, read on.


Create Some Smart Takeover Ads  

These ads are the ones that occupy a large part of a website’s space and they perfectly blend in with the whole design of the respective site. You can find inspiration in some of the takeover ads that Apple has developed, and which can lead to a spectacular degree of interaction. You can give birth to a complex interactive online ad campaign using YouTube, enabling viewers to follow their preferred storyline. The annotations you can add on YouTube will allow you to embed clicks which can be clicked on, and which can hence be embedded in the videos of different other videos. Let your viewers and watch a thrilling video and decide its course or ending by presenting them with two or more choices. No matter what product or service you might be trying to promote through your ads, such an approach will definitely have a huge impact on visitors and viewers. You will get to cleverly modify the already existing layout of a site and completely alter its regular flow, managing to create that “wow” element that viewers are not expected to see, but are very much fond of.  


Use Synchronized Banner Ads

You can also obtain similarly good results with the help of synchronized banner ads that will enable you to create yet a different kind of a similarly interactive user experience. The elements that are already a part of a certain website are going to be used to create the interaction degree you are looking for, using elements that already exist within a web site’s layout in order to attract the attention of regular online users.

If you need to promote a video game, you can take advantage of the previously mentioned YouTube feature. At first, you will need to create a video showing the regular game play of the respective game, and then you can add the extra design elements that will enable viewers to start to interact with the game itself. You can have items falling down on the screen, the navigation buttons on the regular YouTube page to start to modify their regular state and ultimately change the aspect of the entire page.

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