Wholesome, Artful Ads?


Advertising has changed dramatically since the Internet arrived. There are a lot of ways to describe those changes, on many levels of human life and history. But as far as most people will be concerned (unless they study the topic) the creativity of ads stand out. There are, in turn, a lot of reasons that advertising creative is getting better.




Less Coercive



Some of the beauty of older-fashioned advertising is how artful it was, while promoting a product. Brands used to sponsor public arts, also, but their self-promotion didn't need to be too over-handed (due to the weight of their patronage of the arts or events or on-going media like the Guinness Book of World Records).


Now, the Web has introduced powerful ways for audiences to interact with ads, filter them, request them or enjoy them for their own sake. Ads themselves are adjusting. But one of their new requirements has to do with something of a social meme: enough already of coercive, pushy marketing techniques.


Strangely, we all know ads want us to spend money a certain way and on certain things. Good ads offer something of value regardless of whether we do or don't, and instead allow people to consider the marketing content if they want. This is somewhat like the old school of advertising.


So, honesty in advertising has become demanded by people. This puts ad makers, marketers and social media promoters in the position of delivering real value and truthful information or get disregarded. That also means that more energy, in this new bargain, goes into the quality of the content.


Even something like entertainment, do-it-yourself lessons or one of a limitless range of online content — for example, the well-respected Classy Casino brand — all the way to the most elite global advertising campaigns, all must adhere to the basic ideas covered above. Ads must have quality and honesty, and, superb artwork and design, in order to compete today.


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